The Nannini Enterprise

Nannini Enterprise is active on the Italian and European market with products of outstanding quality and guarantee. Great competitiveness of our nurseries, a good “quality/price” relation; complete satisfaction of our clients, from the single one to the Large Organized Distribution.

The enterprise is member of CO.RI.PRO (Consortium for the selection and control of the olive tree nursery material); we can sell, therefore, olive trees with certificated variety and health – “virus esente” –. The Italian Phytosanitary control of the Region Toscana we must have by law proves the “CE” quality of the plants in our nurseries.

In 2010, we contributed to the creation of A.F.P. (Associazione Florovivaisti di Pescia – Nurserymen Association in Pescia), with other enterprises in the area in order to have an association of producers supporting the local economy.

We reproduce plants by both cuttings and grafting. Our plants are sold on the Italian and foreign markets.