Leccino – it is a vigorous grower; the medium large fruit, is pulpy and dark purple when ripe; it has good yielding with good quality oil. It is resistant to olive leaf-spot fungus / scab and to cold. It is cultivated all throughout Italy and it adapts to all kinds of soils. Self-sterile variety that needs pollinizers.

Frantoio – cultivar with medium large green-purple fruit; it has a high yielding with excellent quality oil. Self-fertile variety. Scab sensitive; it does not tolerate too humid soils. It grows better on hill areas.

Moraiolo – cultivar grown in Tuscany-Umbria and Latium; medium size tree with small round fruit yielding excellent oil. Self-compatible, its results are good if pollinized to pendolino variety.

Bianchera – cultivar for oil, grown in Friuli, Slovenia and Croatia; strong winds and cold resistant; the medium large fruit is green and has good yielding with good quality oil.

Coratina – cultivar for oil, very adaptable to different soils; it starts its productivity very quickly. The fruits have a long ripening process and are large sized. It is particularly tolerant to cold.


Ascolana – cultivar for the table; it produces large “drupe” (olive fruit) up to 14 gr; scab and cold resistant. Self-sterile, pollinized by Pendolino and Leccino.

Grossa di Spagna – cultivar for the table; large fruits, scab and cold resistant. Very sweet. Self-fertile.

S. Agostino – cultivar for the table; large and pulpy fruits. scab and cold resistant. Self-sterile.

Santa Caterina – cultivar for the table; with up to 10 gr fruits; it is resistant to olive-fly attacks; self-sterile.


Pendolino – cultivar for oil, this weeping olive tree is slow growing, it has a high and constant productivity. Self-fertile, it is recommended as pollinizer for all varieties. High yielding with good quality oil. It is sensitive to olive leaf-spot fungus and to scab.

Maurino – not too vigorous tree, self-fertile, when used as pollinizer it gives a very small fruit, difficult to be harvested.


Carolea – dual-purpose cultivar (for oil and for the table); fast growing plant with ascending crown; it guarantees high and constant productions. Self-incompatible; the cultivars “Nocellara Messinese” have been advised as pollenizers. The large size fruits have progressive ripening.

Itrana – dual-purpose cultivar (for oil and for the table) with large round fruit, black when ripe; it needs pollenizers. Cold resistant; it is attacked by olive-fly.