PHOTINIA RED ROBIN – Evergreen shrub with thin woods, well-branched. Oval, lanceolate, bright red foliage when blooming, then dark green. In Spring, it produces lots of white flowers, of a delicate scent. Generally planted as hedge.

RHYNCOSPERMUM JASMINOIDES – Woody, twining and evergreen climber with several small white flowers, with star-shaped corolla. Being a climber, it requires a support when initially growing.

LAURUS NOBILIS – Shrub generally planted as hedge; dark green and oval leaves, strongly flagrant. Often used in cooking to aromatize meat and fish.

HEDERA HIBERNICA – Evergreen climber, thin woods, initially lightly woody, with small roots to the support of the plant. Foliage of different colors: dark green, very light green and some with variegate leaves.

CAMELLIA JAPONICA – Compact and upright shrub with dark green leaves. It resists low temperatures (max about -15°); planted in partial shade, moist soil. Beautiful flowering (various weeks) from December to late April.

CAMELLIA SASANQUA – This type of Camellia blooms in Fall until late in Winter. Flowers are smaller than in Japonica, yet abundant and at a time flagrant too. Small and extended foliage.

CUPRESSUS SEMPERVIRENS CV BOLGHERI – Coniferous, dark green foliage, middle-growth. Suitable for small gardens. (Patented as cancer-resistant)

NERIUM OLEANDER – Evergreen and pretty strong shrub; suitable for moist temperatures, vulnerable to cold temperatures. Narrow or double, white, pink and red flowers. Ornamental shrub usually planted in streets, as it does not require particular care.